HTC working on three new tablets

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HTC is set to give the tablet game another try,with the manufacturer reportedly working on three new different tablets and take a piece of the tablet market.
Apple and Google are still dominant in the tablet space.

According to reliable leakster @evleaks, HTC will take another run at eating into Apple’s dominant share of the tablet market with a family of new products. The HTC One M8 maker has not rivalled the likes of the iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab S for a number of years.

With the manufacturer widely expected to be responsible for designing and piecing together the Google branded Nexus 9 – the HTC T1 – latest reports have suggested that the company will also introduce the HTC T7 and HTC T12 tablets in 2014.

Taking to Twitter, @evleaks stated: “Besides the T1 Volantis/Flounder/Nexus 9, HTC is developing two other tablets: the T7 and T12.”


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Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block

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A new kind of tracking tool, canvas fingerprinting, is being used to follow visitors to thousands of top websites, from to YouPorn.

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Update: A spokesperson said that the website was “completely unaware that AddThis contained a tracking software that had the potential to jeopardize the privacy of our users.” After this article was published, YouPorn removed AddThis technology from its website.

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A new, extremely persistent type of online tracking is shadowing visitors to thousands of top websites, from to

First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the image slightly differently, the images can be used to…

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Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show a Start Menu and a Little More Windows

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Microsoft has been steadily improving Windows 8 , but naturally there’s still a new version in the works. And according to some leaked screenshots of a dev build obtained by Myce, it’ll include both the Start Menu we know is on the way , but also windowed Metro/Modern-style apps. Read more…
July 22, 2014 at 03:00AM

By Deepak verma

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Incredible new tech will wirelessly charge devices from across the room

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One of the greatest annoyances in our technology-filled world is the constant need to charge our phones, tablets, computers and cameras. Just about everything we carry around with us could die after a few hours, which is why wireless charging might be the next big innovation in the tech sector. MIT Technology Review was recently visited by George Holmes, the VP of sales and marketing at Energous, to test the company’s wireless charging technology — WattUp.

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One reason the Beats deal could be a huge mistake for Apple

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Apple’s plan to buy up Beats has left many analysts scratching their heads and wondering why Tim Cook and the crew at Cupertino are spending $3.2 billion to acquire an audio hardware and software company. Writing over at Techpinions, Jackdaw analyst Jan Dawson explains that many people are worried that the Beats deal might be a sign that Apple has started to listen too much to the outside noise from Wall Street investors demanding that it make flashy, aggressive moves to reignite its growth.

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