Three ways Android is kicking the iPhone 5 to the curb

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

droid dna 5

Peter Yared is the CTO at CBS Interactive. This story originally appeared on Cnet.

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For the past month, I have been using an HTC Droid DNA, which has similar specs to the rumored upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. People approach me at grocery stores, airports, coffee shops, even on the street and ask me about the phone. The device is indeed quite compelling, even from a distance.

The HTC DNA has an amazingly bright 1080p HD display with a higher resolution than Apple’s iPhone 5 Retina display. The operating system is modern, with dynamic widgets that tell you at a glance what’s going on. The apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, are equivalent to those available to iOS. Google Apps, such as Google Now, voice recognition, and Google Maps, are sleek and modern.

This is hands-down a better device…

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